Bariatric Rehab Commode Chair for Showering

If you're looking for the newest, latest and greatest technology for Bariatric Commode Chairs, our aluminum shower chair model line is here! The Bariatric Shower & Commode Chair is the all in one for homecare lounging and shower access constructed of a lightweight aluminum frame with stainless hardware making it 100% rustproof unlike almost all… Continue reading

Aluminum Shower Commode with 24″ Wheelchair Wheels

If you need the ease of use of standard 24" wheelchair wheels but need a shower commode don't forget to take a look at our wheelchair commode model. It is a hybrid of what most people use as 2 separate chairs, in one convenient package. The aluminum frame is extremely light with adjustable footplates, armrests… Continue reading

Cleaning Rehab Shower Commode Chairs

Cleaning Shower Handicap Rehab Commode Chairs Finding a rehab commode chair that fits your needs is one thing, keeping it clean and like new is another. Our new aluminum commode designs are super easy to care for and keep in like new condition. Cleaning your rehab chair is similar to cleaning standard in home commodes,… Continue reading

Handicap Rehab Shower Chair

Our 2015-16 aluminum rehab shower chairs are beyond amazing! The new aluminum chair design is extremely lightweight, has a removable toilet seat, completely rust resistant making it a dream for showering, swivel casters for easy shower mobility and endless other rehab convenient options. The new collapsible design and extremely light weight on most of our… Continue reading

Aluminum Shower Commode Chairs

Looking for a new, modern Aluminum Rehab Commode Design? Need a tilting commode chair model for easier shower access and mobility? Our new 2015-16 aluminum collections are the best rehab line we have seen to date. Previously specializing in PVC Rehab Commode chairs since 1979, we have ventured into the aluminum shower chair and aluminum… Continue reading