Aluminum Rehab Commode Chairs | Handicap Shower Chairs

Healthline Medical, offering portable, lightweight aluminum rehab commode shower handicap chairs (and wheelchairs) at wholesale clearance pricing! With the newest 2015 model, technology is better than ever with our commode chair anti tippers on all models, adjustable height and removable seats. Ensuring the most comfortable rehab commode model for baiting or relaxing at home or on the go. All 2015 aluminum shower commode / wheelchairs offer 5" locking casters with optional 24" wheelchair wheels for smooth sailing over bumps, etc. All commodes we sell are waterproof and rust resistant including the casters and commode 24" commode wheels.

Tilt Shower Wheelchair | Rehab Commode Chair

Unlike nearly 99% of other rehab commode chairs and handicap shower chair models, our EZee Life models provide you with a commode seat cut-out cover to provide comfort when not in use to allow you to use the chairs and tilt commode chair models as a standard wheelchair or rolling rehab chair with padded back, armrests and full seat as well. Adding to the commode chair comfort, all chairs come with seat belt, leg straps and have adjustable footrest positions as well as some models being full back tilt wheelchairs with headrest with all models providing retractable arm rests as well for easy in and out baiting access.

We have been in business since 1979 producing the highest quality medical products and 2015 is the year our new shower commode chair designs were released and we are beyond excited for these products considering the feedback we have received! At the price, quality and design, our aluminum shower chairs and handicap shower wheelchairs are the top of the line in the medical field! Take a look around at other shower chairs, wheel chairs, commode chairs, etc and notice the progression of comfort, design and technology have been at a standstill for decades, don't get caught in the monopolized "standard" medical commode/wheelchair market, buy 2015, you deserve it!